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Control unit

Play Control Unit is a control device that allows you to connect all your nautical equipment to a single control unit for convenient operation from the app via Bluethooh or with a dedicated remote control.

- 12/24Vdc power supply
- 10A protection fuse
- 8 electronic outputs with short circuit and no load protection for 12/24Vdc inductive or resistive loads.
- 2 relay outputs 12/24Vdc for contactor and light.
- 8 digital or analogue inputs 0 to 10Vdc (24Vdc supported).
- 8 digital inputs ON/OFF ground activation
- Capable of handling RS485, IR/RF receiver and Bluetooth.
- 12-bit ADC (optional 16Bit).
- MicroUSB for service programming and firmware updates.
- Molex automotive type connection
- Wiring with terminals or customisable

The control unit works with installed machines of all makes, with no limits on connections.

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